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07/13/2015 -
The Role the ACA Plays in Cancer Prevention

06/2015 - U.S. Domestic Medical Travel
Spotlight: Marcia Otto, Vice President of Pricing Transparency Applications, Health Advocate, Inc.

06/01/2015 - BenefitsPro
HR: Suicide is new disturbing trend

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05/29/2015 - Workforce (00:05:43)
Health Advocate team members demonstrate and discuss on-site biometric screenings and the benefits to employers and employees

07/17/2013 - Fox Business, The Willis Report with Gerri Willis (00:06:03)
Health Advocate cofounder Martin Rosen talks with Gerri about medical billing mistakes, how to understand an EOB and more.

07/11/2011 - Employee Benefit News (00:10:17)
Martin Rosen on Benefits TV

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09/04/2014 - CBS Radio (00:00:35)
"CBS News Radio"

07/18/2014 - America's Web Radio (00:16:44)
"HealthCare Consumerism Radio"

05/16/2014 - The Healthcare Insider (00:27:10)
"Marty Rosen: Empowering ALL in the healthcare system"

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